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Wallpaper Wizard - is a wallpaper changer with the unlimited access to the private collection of 100,000+ high
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Mac OS
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3 February 2012

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Bored with looking at all the wallpaper stored in your system again and again? Or too tired of downloading wallpapers again and again from internet? Then Wallpaper Wizard version 1.2.2 is a perfect application that you should be looking for. Wallpaper Wizard offers an amazing collection of one hundred thousand wallpapers in complete HD. Even if you can download wallpapers from internet but there is a fear that spywares or viruses getting into your system but with the Wallpaper Wizard eliminate such fears. The varied wallpapers that this application offers certainly has enough reasons to make you each day full of life with all the different beautiful picture or images it will show on your computer screen. The software program can be easily downloaded from the internet and gets effortlessly installed in your system. The interface of this mesmerizing wizard is very easy to use and so simple that anyone who is not a computer savvy can use it effortlessly.

You will find various kinds of different pictures available that you can set as wallpaper on your system ranging from animal to fishes to birds to beautiful sceneries to icebergs and many more. The Wallpaper Wizard is very professionally designed and enables you to carry out many operations with it. To get yourself started with the wizard you need to Sign in for accessing all the wallpapers in it. Buttons for setting next wallpapers will enable you to set the wall paper you want to view sequentially. You will also be able to upload you own photos with this software program.

Concluding, we could say this wizard will enable you to set the timing of the wallpapers as to with what rate the changing of wallpapers will occur. You can also make the software program start automatically with starting of your system. With all the elegant wallpapers that this software program comes with surely deserves a rating of 4 out of 5. The program is likely to get a good following and its application on the Apple Mac store has gained popularity.

Publisher's description

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Wallpaper Wizard
Wallpaper Wizard
Version 1.2.2
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